What my clients had to say

**Christy these are perfect! You have captured so many sweet moments that
I will treasure my entire life! Thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with!! ~Melanie
**Christy Foreman Photography is professional, fun and original. She has a special way of
capturing natural yet precious moments with our family. ~Christie
**Christy traveled all the way to Illinois to shoot my wedding and I couldn’t have been
more pleased with the outcome. If you are married and you were the bride you know exactly
how hectic a wedding day can be … keeping people in the right places (at the right times), 
finding time for yourself, and most of all trying to stay sane whil…e you wait for the final
minutes before you walk down the isle to approach.
I had a lovely night with my girlfriends before the wedding and was anxiously awaiting
Christy’s arrival that morning. Mind you, we had never met but we had a mutual friend.
I had fallen in love with the photo’s Christy had taken at my friends wedding and knew
she had to be my photographer. Christy walked in and gave that all to sweet
Southern “hello and nice ta’ meetcha” and I knew we would do great together!
I’m yet to find the best place in my house or the right albumn to place Christy’s photos.
They are all noteworthy, they all special, they all capture defining moments of my wedding day.
If you have any sense you will get all of your future photos taken by
Christy Foreman Photography (hopefully you don’t have to fly her to another
state to have them taken… but trust me, if you do, it’s worth it!)
xo- Kaaaaaaatie 🙂
**Omg…christy, I have no words to describe how great these pictures are and the
memories you captured that day! You truly have a gift! You have forever customers
with my family!!! ~Tracy
**My experience with Christy was amazing!!! ! We went to UT Gardens and she was great
to work around our schedule to try and get the best time of day for a happy baby. Even
with all the scheduling and planning , Brooklyn was still in a GRUMPY mood! However, looking
at the pictures, you would never know it. Christy caught some great shots even dealing with an
uncooperative and fussy little one. I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful they wouldv’e
been if Brooklyn had been her normal sweet and happy self. Christy definitely has a great eye
for shots that will be creative and cute. I’m so happy with the photos!!!! I totally
recommend Christy for any picture needs you have. A very great experience all around. ~Holly
**My husband and I recently had maternity pictures taken by Christy. Even though I sent her to the
wrong location, she was more than willing to start our session almost an hour late and she
still took her time and got some really great shots. She also offered to come back if we ran
out of sunlight! This told me a lot about Christy not only as a professional, but as a person,
that she was willing to go the extra mile to make sure that our pictures would be all that we
had hoped. She exceeded my expectations, our pictures turned out beautifully, and I can’t
wait to see what she will do when she does our son’s newborn photos! ~Brandy
**Christy is amazing. She has such a beautiful eye for texture. When shooting Easter photos,
I loved how she placed the kids in the middle of a field. The contrast between the vibrant
life of our children and the field of dead grass was amazing. The shots turned out beautifully.
I would recommend to everyone and we will definitely be back. ~Susan
**Christy did a photo shoot with my niece and nephew (ages 7 & 11) last fall. She did a super job!
She is very energetic and funny which is really important and helpful in capturing those awesome shots. ~Beverly
**We love pictures with Christy for our family! She is wonderful with kids, knows
just how to make them comfortable, and has an eye for the great shots with them! We have
used Christy Foreman Photography since my daughter’s 1st birthday & we’re so happy
with all the great pictures we have! ~Elizabeth
December 24, 2010 - 4:55 am

Jama Dunlap - I love your blog and I always love your pictures. Sometime soon I will have you do mine and pappy’s

December 24, 2010 - 1:30 am

Christy - Awww. Thanks Jama! I would love to do yalls pictures 😉

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