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Photographs DO make memories

I have gotten asked many times when and why I started loving photography. Well, I think I have always loved it. This post is probably going to be a bit of “scattered all over the place” but bare with me. One thing that is so important for me is….when I die, I want my children […]

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These…are the days of our lives

I will start this post by saying this….I am nowhere near a perfect mother or wife! NOWHERE even close. I know this and I openly admit it! I have had a heavy heart the past few months for lots of reasons. Mainly because sometimes I honestly suck as a mommy! I know I do and […]

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How to download your digital images {Knoxville Child and Family Photographer}

Click the link that was sent to you from me. (it is a shootproof site) Put your password in Once you have the gallery pulled up, click add all to cart in the top right A box will pop up that  with ordering options….click digital media Make sure the quantity is set to one on […]

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The real me. Raw and unedited.

Welp, I survived Father’s Day with only one cry. Luckily the kids didn’t see so that I didn’t have to explain why “my eyes were watering really bad because I must have an eyelash in it.” They worry when they see their mommy cry. Are mommies supposed to cry? How do I have any tears […]

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