Sweet Ruby {Knoxville NICU Photographer}

Ruby was born at 29 weeks and one day! What a miracle! I was so happy when Ruby’s mommy contacted me about coming to take photos of her in the NICU as part of the Brooks Session that I now offrer! These are a few words from Ruby’s mommy when she contacted me…..

Hi Christy! I have a little girl, Ruby, who was born at 29 weeks and 1 day.

She is a little miracle. My water broke at 20 weeks but God allowed me

to carry her until her birthday!

A miracle baby….Did I want to meet and photograph her. Ummm, YES! Here are a few photos from Ruby’s NICU session….




I am sure that you can tell that this baby is very loved by her mommy and daddy! Such a sweet family of three!


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